Strata and Property Management Security Services

One-stop solution for all your security needs

Are your clients concerned about the safety of their premises?
Are you looking for alternatives to expensive on-site guarding charges?

Ambit Security provides a full spectrum of services to fulfill all of your client’s safety needs. We know that no two properties are alike, which is why you are guaranteed to receive a custom tailored solution, ensuring scalability and integration.

Telephone Entry Systems

We offer a wide range of systems specifically designed for small, medium and large sites, providing visitor access control to apartment buildings, gated communities, condominiums and office buildings. Our flexible solutions allow for easy integration with surveillance and card reader systems to maximize the security of the premises.

Access Control

At Ambit Security we deliver more than simple door monitoring access control system. Whether your are looking to secure small residential premises or an entire high-rise we will provide the users with a true platform for management of their facilities. Our solutions always ensure scalability and easy integration to suit client’s current and future needs.

Gate/Door Controllers

Ambit Security always aims to deliver the most cost effective solutions for our clients. As an alternative to a complex access control system, we offer a range of stand-alone devices, including card readers, gate operators and digital keypads.

Video Surveillance

At Ambit Security we strive to deliver you the most advanced and current solutions. This is why we offer a full line of digital video surveillance products, including IP, HD and HD-SD systems. We encourage you to take a full advantage of the rapidly evolving digital surveillance technology, as it is guaranteed to meet not only your current needs but also future ones.

Let us help you make a move to a new digital system, or perhaps enhance your current existing analog CCTV. Our security specialist will be happy to assist you with developing a customized design, ensuring scalability and easy integration.

Environmental Monitoring

Ambit Security offers installation and service of smoke and flood detectors, carbon monoxide, heat and low-temperature sensors and much more. In case of an emergency, a signal will be sent to a monitoring station indicating the exact location of the problem. We will then follow your client’s predefined instructions to resolve the problem or dispatch emergency response crews.

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With Ambit Security as your primary service provider, you are guaranteed to receive priority treatment and FREE assessments. Avoid costly service calls and enjoy FREE annual maintenance checks on all properties under your management, including:

  • Access control database management and back-up
  • Security system diagnostics
  • Battery testing
  • Staff training

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