Residential Security Services

Giving you and your family a peace of mind

Are you worried about your belongings while on vacation? Do you or your family member have a medical condition? Are you concerned about the safety of your home?  Learn about what the latest technology has to offer. Get the most advanced, cutting edge technology to protect you, your home and loved ones. Discover how you can turn your wireless smart device into a remote control center for alarm and video surveillance. 

  • Receive instant notifications in case of intrusion
  • Access and control your security system wirelessly
  • Arm your alarm remotely while on the road, on vacation or business trip
  • View your home video camera live virtually anywhere
  • Check in on your kids or elderly parents

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Home Alarms and Packages

Did you know that having a monitored home alarm could reduce you home insurance costs up to 15%? Find out about our free basic alarm package* today! You receive a complete security system, including installation, free of charge. Enjoy our no contract monitoring packages on your existing security system. 

No phone line? No problem. We offer GSM and Internet-based monitoring services. Cellular and Internet alarm monitoring ensures the maximum level of security for your home, with nearly 4 times communication speed and phone line cut protection, making it the fastest and most reliable alarm monitoring system. Wireless signal transmission between your home alarm and the central station eliminates the chance of any lag time commonly associated with traditional phone line systems. Contact us and take the next step in protecting your loved ones today.

We offer and service a wide range of products from lead providers, including Honeywell, DSC, DMP and many others. Ambit Security also provides and supports the newest remote access and control features, like Total Connect and (see below).

*Package includes: one control panel, one keypad, one siren, two contacts, one motion detector. Pricing based on a 36-month basic contract.

Video Surveillance

Take video surveillance to the next level! With our custom video systems solutions you can turn your mobile/smart device into a real-time control center. Integrate video cameras with remote-access security system and connect-and-protect your home from wherever you are!
We offer a full range of HD, HD-SDI, IP and analog camera systems to ensure we can satisfy all of your security needs. Need us to watch over your home while you are away on vacation or business trip? No problem. Take advantage of our 24/7 video monitoring services at affordable rates.

Feel free to ask us about covert camera options.

Medical Alerts
Feel secure knowing someone is always watching out for you.

Medical or mobility concerns? No need to worry. As soon as we receive a medical panic signal our central station dispatches an ambulance or follows your predefined set of instructions. By maintaining a detailed personal file on your medical needs we are able to provide the responding emergency teams with crucial, life-saving information on your condition. Help, if needed, is a button push away.

Sign up for our medical alerts system and enjoy independence with a peace of mind.

Intercom or telephone entry systems help you safely identify visitors before they enter your premises. Whether you simply want to control your gates or doors through a phone or mobile device or looking for more advanced features, like audio/video communication, Ambit Security will find a solution to fulfill your needs.

We offer a wide range of stand-alone and two-way communication systems that can be used as full access control or be integrated with your home video surveillance. Keep time-stamped photo references of your visitors, leave voice messages for broadcast or room-to-room communication and much more. Contact us today to learn more about our Intercom options.

Remote Access
In today’s world security systems offer so much more than basic burglar alarm monitoring. This is why Ambit Security strives to offer you a complete, flexible, comprehensive system built and monitored with the most advanced technology.

Imagine holding your home in the palm of your hand:

  • Arm and disarm your alarm system remotely from the convenience of your mobile device, tablet or computer.
  • Get instant notifications in case of fire, flood or if someone opened your fridge at night
  • View your video cameras remotely to check up on your kids or elderly parents.

…and much, much more.

Learn more about how to access and protect your home from virtually anywhere, in real time.

Environmental Monitoring
Did you know that water damage is the top cause of all home insurance claims in North America? Don’t be part of the statistic and reduce your risks with our Environmental Monitoring solutions.

Ambit Security can offer installation and service of smoke and flood detectors, carbon monoxide, heat and low-temperature sensors and much more. In case of an emergency, a signal will be sent to a monitoring station indicating the exact location of the problem. We will then follow your predefined instructions to resolve the problem or dispatch emergency response crews.

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Switching to Ambit Security
Switching from your existing provider to Ambit Security is much easier than most people think. We strive to provide you with the most cost effective solutions and aim to use as much of your existing equipment as possible. The simplest way to know whether any upgrades are necessary is to have our security professional come to your home or business and assess your existing system. In most cases, we can get you on board with our service within a couple of hours!

To learn more about the latest security system options, contact us today for a free security assessment of your home.